WEOF has 11 innovative programs approved for Educational Tax Credit Improvement (EITC) grants. Our approved programs directly enhance, expand and create innovative teaching and learning opportunities in diverse areas including science, technology, engineering, math, computers, environmental education, special education, physical education, media literacy and college readiness.

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MakerSpace Expansion

The Wissahickon Middle School MakerSpace is integrated into the STEAM curriculum and features dedicated space for students to learn about robotics, science, technology, art and math through engaging, hands-on activities. Following the Middle School’s lead, Wissahickon’s four elementary schools will create or expand MakerSpace opportunities. Funding for the MakerSpace Program allows the Middle School and elementary schools to purchase innovative educational items, such as Legos, Kinex, programming and electronic kits, inventor’s kits and 3D Scanners/3D Printer to enhance learning opportunities. The middle school also envisions developing a new, after school STEM Club which would use the MakerSpace to offer a variety of activities in the MakerSpace (coding, electronic circuits, breaker space).

Robotics Programs

The Wissahickon High School Robotics Program, open to students in grades 9 through 12, is an after-school activity designed to inspire young people to pursue careers in mathematics, science, and technology. Students build complex machines, learning skills such as mechanical, electrical, & programming design, 3D animation & computer aided design, art, graphics, & set design, and business and networking skills. The WHS Robotics Team #341, “Miss Daisy”, finished the 2016 season ranked 48th in the world (48 out of 3,200) placing WHS in the top 2% of all robotics teams worldwide! At the Middle School, more than 75 students also participate in robotics through the Science Club.

Computer Science Literacy

To enhance computer science literacy and build upon the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum, this program builds instructional capacity with the purchase of computer science modules and provides professional development opportunities to teachers interested in expanding or enhancing lesson plans using computer science. Enlisting a Computer Programmer to participate in a residence program during Computer Science Education Week will deepen student learning and understanding of careers in computer science.

Tablet Computing

This program employs tablet devices such as a Microsoft Surface (or similar device) to teach new developments in tablet, touch and digital inking capabilities. Touchscreen devices and digital inking are the future of technology and a game-changer for education as teachers and students alike are able to take notes, provide annotations and literally write on their digital pages, notes and websites.

TV Studio Programs

The Wissahickon Television Studio (WTV), Wissahickon High School Television Production Curriculum and WTV Club offer innovative media literacy classes and programs, both during and after school, that give Wissahickon students, grades 9-12, the opportunity to learn all aspects of TV and video production and participate in live, full scale production shoots. WTV produces daily broadcasts to provide quality communication with the staff and students internally, across the district, the surrounding community, and beyond via its educational cable channel and web based on-demand channel. At the Wissahickon Middle School Studio, 6th graders may also participate in an after school TV Club that explores careers in broadcasting and develops skills in technology, teamwork, filmmaking, broadcasting, public speaking and improvisation.

Blue Bell Elementary Nature Trail

Planning for the Blue Bell Elementary Nature Trail started in the 2014-2015 school year as part of a comprehensive plan to develop a trail system encompassing the 20-acre campus for integration into the curricula as well as extracurricular activities. Completion of the trail will allow the school to further develop an outdoor classroom where students participate in activities linked to the science, art, math, social studies and health curriculum. In addition to the 415 students in the elementary school, the trail can be used by families and community members after school hours, weekends and over the summer.

Go Baby Go

In a unique collaboration between the Wissahickon High School Child Development and Technology/Engineering classes at Wissahickon High School, teachers and students will partner on a program called GoBabyGo, www.udel.edu/gobabygo. This program, created by the University of Delaware, teaches students how to modify and power toy ride-on cars for children with disabilities which provides the child numerous benefits physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally. The ride-on cars provide mobility and independence for children with crawling and walking problems, empowering them to be part of the action at home, in the daycare center, and on the playground.

Brewing Independence

Brewing Independence is a full-service coffee delivery system run by the Wissahickon High School Special Education Department for students in the Life Skills Program. Through this entrepreneurial program, WHS staff order coffee which is prepared and delivered by the students. Students in the program learn customer service and business skills through hands on experience as well as math, reading, social/safety skills, activities of daily living and vocational skills. The program has been so successful at the high school, the Wissahickon Middle School plans to open its own Brewing Independence to expand learning opportunities for students in grades 6-8.

Gateway to College

The Gateway to College Program is a partnership between Wissahickon School District and Montgomery County Community College (MCCC) to serve students at risk of not completing high school and those who have stopped attending high school. WSD and MCCC offer students the opportunity to attend classes at MCCC for up to two semesters while also earning high school credits.

Dual Enrollment

Wissahickon School District partners with Montgomery County Community College (MCCC) to offer dual enrollment classes in specific curricular areas. A student participating in dual enrollment enrolls at both WHS and MCCC and if successful, earns credits towards graduation at both institutions. Although students are eligible for a reduced tuition rate from MCCC, the cost still represents a hardship for some families and a barrier to their ability to participate.

Advanced Placement

Wissahickon School District participates in the CollegeBoard® Advanced Placement Program offering students 21 of the 30+ available AP courses which span all disciplines, including math, science, English Literature, World Language, art, history, government, economics and psychology. The AP program enables students to pursue college-level studies to earn college credit, advanced placement or both while still in high school.