Staff Tribute Online

Thank you for your donation in the form of a Staff Tribute! Now please fill out this form so we can let the honoree(s) know about your generous gift in their name(s).











Please enter the name and email of each staff member to be honored. This form accommodates up to 5 honorees. You do not need to fill them all in! A minimum of one name is required. If you need to look up staff member emails, open up a tab with the staff directory by clicking HERE. You can copy from the directory and paste into the form. Most WSD emails follow the format of first initial plus last name. Example:

If you have more than 5 honorees, please print out the Staff Tribute form and mail it to WEOF. Download the form HERE.









When you are finished entering the staff member names and emails, please click on the “SUBMIT” at the bottom of the form. (You may have to scroll down.) You will get an email confirming your Staff Tribute donation. The honorees will each get an email notification from WEOF, telling them of your gift to WEOF in their name.

Thank you for your generous donation!